Pavement Repair

by 4Seasons®

Pourable Liquid Solution
For All Pavement Repairs!

Highway Center Line Crack Repair

Street Pothole & Alligator Crack Repair

Driveway Pothole Repair

Parking Lot Ramp Trip Hazard Repair

Airport Runway Expansion Joint Repair

4Seasons® Revolutionary Road Repair Products Outlive The Road Itself

4Seasons® Product Superiority Comparison To Common Cold-Patch Products

4Seasons® Product Lifetime Advantages

All 4Seasons® products are like no other road repair products in the world due to their unique liquid viscosity upon application, coupled with its fast setup and retained flexibility upon cure. They are 100% impervious to UV breakdown so that road repairs maintain their integrity, not just for days or months, but for a lifetime!  And 4Seasons® products are 100% environmentally safe per 4Seasons® SDS data.

Common Cold-Patch Product Disadvantages

Common cold-patch products are only designed to be temporary and do not penetrate small cracks and crevices. Consequently, they have limited durability, are susceptible to displacement and deterioration, and thus require frequent reapplications. Typical cold-patch products can also contain chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to the environment and to humans according to independent SDS data.

4Seasons® Product Benefits

  • DIY Pothole Application – no special tools or training needed

  • Liquid viscosity penetrates potholes & cracks for superior adhesion

  • Permanent pavement repairs in all seasons

  • Quick material setup – drive over repairs in 10 – 60 minutes

  • Non-toxic “0” VOCs

  • Water based – fast & easy cleanup

  • Self-leveling

  • Cost effective – no reapplication

  • Bucket or bulk application

4Seasons® Product Lineup

4Seasons® Pourable Pavement Filler (COARSE)

4Seasons® Pourable Pavement Filler (FINE)

4Seasons® R4 Formula Liquid PotHole Filler

4Seasons® Eco-Bond Primer For Asphalt & Concrete