About Us

4Seasons® Pavement Repair Products founders, Steve & Marilyn Arnold, began distributing the original liquid pothole filler in 2002 thru their business Integrity Marketing Group. When Manufacturing commenced in-house in 2005, this enabled a hands on opportunity to perfect and create new formulations to meet the increasing need for environmentally friendly, no Voc, water based, pavement repair products that could stand the test of time and seasons. 4Seasons® brand was born from such a demand, as well as Steve’s patented R4 Recycled Rubber Filler which incorporates 50% crumb rubber aggregates.

Our Values

We believe all life is precious and everyone should have the opportunity to experience hope for a better tomorrow. Those values drive our motivation to find permanent, eco-friendly means to address the unsafe conditions of our highways and infrastructure. We replace the temporary fixes in use that keep repeated repairs permanently on municipality to-do lists. The rapidly installed, highly durable 4Seasons® portfolio of products make the roads safer for drivers and work crews alike.

Our Mission

We create and supply uniquely durable pavement repair products that are 100% people and planet safe to enable cities and citizens to cost-effectively maintain safe surfaces for the autos and airplanes who need them. We aim to become a nationally preferred brand in the US and Canada in the next 5 years. 4Seasons®. Restore pavement life without harming yours, in any season.