Product Warranty

4Seasons® Pavement Repair Products Limited Warranty

This Limited warranty applies to all 4Seasons® products manufactured by 4Seasons Pavement Repair Products, Inc and sold thru its authorized distribution.

Manufacturer warrants that its products are free from defects in materials.

Manufacturer warrants that 4Seasons® POURABLE POTHOLE FILLER will stay in place for the life of the surrounding pavement, providing that the product STORAGE, PREPARATION, MIX & USE are executed according to Manufacturer’s written 4Seasons® APPLICATION PROCEDURES listed on our website “application page” and provided with the products.

Warranty Requirements


Shelf Life: 12 months from date of purchase.

Product Storage Prior to Use: Keep from freezing. Store all 4Seasons® Products in controlled temperature environment between 50°-75°F/10°-24°C when not in use. Keep all unused product at work site out of direct hot sun, or from freezing prior to use.  NEGLECTING THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL VOID WARRANTY.


Acceptance, purchase and selection of products are the sole responsibility of the buyer or buyer’s representative. Preparation for customer application of 4Seasons®  products includes assessment of repair surface (asphalt or concrete?) identifying the type of damage to pavement (pothole, linear crack, alligator crack, non-level surface) and determining appropriate 4Seasons® filler type (COARSE, FINE, R4) & determining the requirement of EcoBond Primer use. Spalded asphalt and alligator repairs and all concrete repairs require use of 4Seasons® EcoBond Primer prior to application of Filler. Filler products are not intended for use as top coat or seal coat products.  All loose pavement must be removed down to stable base or sub-base. NEGLECTING THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL VOID WARRANTY.


Manufacturer warrants that its filler components will stir into a pourable liquid slurry in 45-60 seconds, using only included stir stick, or similar. Never use power mixers.  Never add ingredients not included in kit. Use of additional part C is intended only for pothole filling in temperatures below 50°F/10°C. Manufacturer warrants that there is a maximum 5 minute work time once ingredients are mixed. In the case of multiple bucket repairs, make all pours consecutively at once for same area. Future repairs overlapping cured product, MUST be primed using 4Seasons® EcoBond Primer first to ensure optimum bonding. Use of any other repair materials in conjunction with 4Seasons® will void warranty. Future deterioration of surrounding pavement must be maintained by application of additional 4Seasons® product to extend repair life. NEGLECTING THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL VOID WARRANTY. 


Manufacturer warrants that its Filler products will set up for foot and vehicle traffic typically in 10-60 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity levels. The application of water based sealcoat or paints can be achieved typically within 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity levels. Full cure must be achieved prior to further sealcoat or paint application. NEGLECTING THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL VOID WARRANTY.

Manufacturer will not be liable or responsible for any damages to property or to the injury of individuals for any direct or indirect or consequential expense or damage from the use of 4Seasons® products. Manufacturer makes no other warranty of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied, and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which exceeds this obligation are hereby disclaimed by Manufacturer and are excluded. This warranty is limited to replacement of product only, and for product shown to be defective within 12 months’ shelf life from date of sale.

Warranty Claim Procedures

If you are having problems with product performance or application, stop applications and contact 4Seasons® or its authorized representative immediately.  Any warranty claims must be submitted within 5 days of discovery of problem. Claim must include 2 photos of the repair subject area, written description of problem, date of product purchase (with valid sales receipt of full payment or PO), existing temperature and weather conditions surrounding product application. All warranty claims must be submitted directly to manufacturer. 4Seasons® will determine the nature of the alleged issue. If the 4Seasons®product problem is a confirmed result, Liability of the manufacturer is limited to replacement of the product proven defective. Replacement will be shipped to customer using standard shipping within 1-3 weeks.  NEGLECTING THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL VOID WARRANTY.

All Warranty matters should be directed to: 4Seasons® Pavement Repair Products, Inc at:

3301 Green St   Shelby, MI 49455 or contact us 231-861-7126 or email  [email protected].

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